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In today's whirlwind real estate market, it has become obvious that investors are desperate to find deals. Sending mail, texting your cell phone and even knocking on your door! - See what these amazed sellers say about the benefits of working a different way with Max Property Offer and how they got their MAX OFFER!


"My husband and I inherited my mom's house and we'd been renting it out. We got letters and calls almost everyday from people wanting to buy it, but didn't know where to start. The house was getting run down. Max Property Offer got us four cash offers in two weeks."

Angela W.


"...and the rental house had issue after issue with repairs and I couldn't keep up with it. I'd called a few "We Buy Houses" guys, but they were offering me half of what the place was worth and I was wasting my weekends dealing with them. Max Property Offer had a different way to go and I wasn't wasting time. They made all those "We Buy Houses" people compete and drove my offers higher. I didn't have to do any negotiating."

Donnie P.


"Our house had gone in pre-foreclosure and we were getting hounded by the cash house buyers. We didn't have time to meet a Realtor and wait months to sell, but we didn't want to give it away to one of those fast house buyers either. Max Property Offer had their attorney assist with the legal issues and then lined up five competing offers for us to choose from to get us out of it and move on"

Latisha S.

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